Class FinitePrimeField

  extended by com.perisic.ring.Ring
      extended by com.perisic.ring.ModularIntegerRing
          extended by com.perisic.ring.FinitePrimeField

public class FinitePrimeField
extends ModularIntegerRing

Title: FinitePrimeField

Description: This class represents a finite prime field. In fact it is not checked if the modulus is a prime, so it is the responsibility of the user to ensure this.

Using a non prime as modulus can lead to an ArithmeticException in the BigInteger.gcd() method.

Marc Conrad

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.perisic.ring.Ring
C, F2, Q, R, Z
Constructor Summary
FinitePrimeField(int m)
          Generates a finite prime field of characteristic m.
FinitePrimeField(java.lang.Object modulus)
          Generates a finite prime field of characteristic modulus.
Method Summary
 boolean isField()
          returns true.
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Constructor Detail


public FinitePrimeField(java.lang.Object modulus)
Generates a finite prime field of characteristic modulus. The argument can be any Object which can be maped into an IntegerRingElt (via the method). Note: The primality of modulus is not checked!


public FinitePrimeField(int m)
Generates a finite prime field of characteristic m. Note: The primality of m is not checked!

Method Detail


public boolean isField()
returns true. This is in fact the only difference to the ModularRing class.

isField in class Ring