Abstract Classes pure computer science meets pure mathematics.


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Abstract Classes pure computer science meets pure mathematics.

An Overview the context.

Some motivating remarks

Object Oriented Concepts

Classes and Objects: A class has data and methods.

Inheritance: Give one class (the child class) all the methods and data of another class (the parent class): An "is a" relationship.

Inheritance hierarchies usually have a tree or directed graph structure

Overriding methods: Reimplement a method of the parent class in the child class.

An advantage of Overriding methods: Generic algorithms

Abstract methods abstract classes.

Abstract methods: Declare a method in the parent class implement in the child class.

Example: A ring.

An Experiment. Implementing abstract mathematics in Java from scratch.

Some results

More abstract structures


Maple/Mathematica and Object Oriented Programming

Other Systems and Object Oriented Programming

Author: Marc Conrad

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