Uses of Class

Uses of Ring in com.perisic.ring

Subclasses of Ring in com.perisic.ring
 class CyclotomicField
          This class implements a cyclotomic field.
 class DoubleField
          The real numbers.
 class F2Field
          The finite prime field of characteristic 2.
 class FinitePrimeField
          Title: FinitePrimeField
 class IntegerRing
          The ring of Integers.
 class Matrix2x2Ring
          The ring of 2 x 2 matrices {{a,b},{c,d}} with a,b,c and d in B, where B is any Ring.
 class ModularIntegerRing
          The modular integer ring Z/nZ.
 class ModularRing
          Implements a ring R/fR where R is an element of the ring R.
 class PolynomialRing
          Multivariate Polynomials over a Ring.
 class QuotientField
          A field of fractions p/q with p,q in B, where B is any Ring.
 class RationalField
          The field Q of rational numbers.
 class UniversalCyclotomicField
          The infinite algebraic extension of Q which contains all unit roots.
 class UniversalPolynomialRing
          The field of polynomials over all allowed variable names as variables.
 class UniversalRing
          An abstract class for an universal ring.

Methods in com.perisic.ring that return Ring
abstract  Ring UniversalRing.findRing()
          A suitable ring able to map 0 (and 1).
 Ring UniversalPolynomialRing.findRing()
 Ring UniversalCyclotomicField.findRing()
abstract  Ring UniversalRing.findRing(RingElt a)
          A suitable ring able to map a.
 Ring UniversalPolynomialRing.findRing(RingElt a)
          The ring over the coefficient ring with the variables of a.getRing().
 Ring UniversalCyclotomicField.findRing(RingElt a)
          Returns the ring of the argument a if this a Cyclotomic field or Q.
abstract  Ring UniversalRing.findRing(RingElt a, RingElt b)
          A suitable ring able to map a and b.
 Ring UniversalPolynomialRing.findRing(RingElt a, RingElt b)
          The result is the coefficient ring over the variables of a.getRing() and the variables of b.getRing().
 Ring UniversalCyclotomicField.findRing(RingElt a, RingElt b)
          Returns cyaclotomic field which contains both a and b.
 Ring Matrix2x2Ring.getbaseRing()
          Returns the ring of coefficients of the matrix.
 Ring QuotientField.getBaseRing()
          Returns the denominator and numerator ring B (the base ring).
 Ring PolynomialRing.getCoefficientRing()
          Returns the Ring R sucht that the PolynomialRing is the Ring R[x] where x is the variable of the PolynomialRing.
 Ring RingElt.getRing()
          Returns the ring R which has been used for construction of the element.

Methods in com.perisic.ring with parameters of type Ring
static RingElt CyclotomicField.getCyclotomicPolynomial(Ring F, int n, java.lang.String variable)
          Constructs the n-th cyclotomic polynomial over the ring F as a polynomial in the variable variable.

Constructors in com.perisic.ring with parameters of type Ring
Matrix2x2Ring(Ring BaseRing)
          construction of a new Matrix2x2Ring over B.
PolynomialRing(Ring R, java.lang.String variables)
          Constructs a new polynomial ring over one or more variables.
PolynomialRing(Ring R, java.lang.String[] variables)
          Constructs a new polynomial ring over variables.length variables.
QuotientField(Ring BaseRing)
RingElt(Ring R)
          Constructs the ring element as an element of the ring R.
UniversalPolynomialRing(Ring coefficientRing)
          Construct the universal polynomial field by the ring of coefficients.