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which is a package of Java classes for multivariate and univariate polynomials over the rings: Z(integers), Q (rational numbers), R (real numbers), C (complex numbers), F_2 (field of two elements), Cyclotomic Number Fields, and more.
Also supported are modular rings K[X]/f(X) for a ring K and a polynomial f and Quotient Fields over rings. There are also classes for implementing universal rings. The newest version features an universal cyclotomic field.
Download the newest version under the LGPL here: perisicRingAllv3.jar (for a zip file see perisicRingAllv3.zip). This project is work in progress and questions, comments, suggestions, contributions (for instance new child classes of the Ring class) are highly welcome. Please contact me.

Installation guidelines:

There is nothing special to consider. This package is a Java package as every other Java package from the textbook.
Some classes contain a main() method for testing purposes. For, say, testing the UniversalCyclotomicRing class, type
java -cp "perisicRingAllv2.jar" com.perisic.ring.UniversalCyclotomicField
To run the examples do something similar to the following:

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